Meet the YPLC! – Tony Gand


Who are you?
My name is Tony Gand and I have been with the YPLC since it first began. I have been involved with ADA for the past 6 years.
A little bit about me!
I currently live in Eden Prairie and work as a Pharmaceutical Sales representative selling long acting insulin. I will be getting married this September!
What is your connection to diabetes?
One of my closest friends I grew up with is a Type 1 diabetic. She asked me to come be a counselor at Camp Needlepoint one summer and I have been involved ever since! Now I have many close friends with diabetes and would do anything to help them!
How did you end up joining the YPLC?
My very good friend Sean Finn who I went to Jr High, High-school and College at the University of Minnesota Duluth asked me after he and Dave Becker came up with the idea.
What do you hope to take away from your work at the YPLC?
I want to grow professionally but most of all I want to help educate and raise concern about diabetes!

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