Meet the YPLC! – Sean Finn


Who are you?

My name is Sean Finn, and I’m the chair of the Young Professional Leadership Council.


A little bit about me!

Since the age of 12, I have been involved with the ADA. I would not be where I am today without my big diabetes family that I found when I went to Camp Needlepoint. Diabetes is not an easy thing to live with it, but it sure helps to have friends and family that support you!


What is your connection to diabetes?

I have been a T1D for 15 and a half years. My little brother and I were both diagnosed within weeks of each other. I actually was diagnosed over the phone, and hours after a family vacation. Since age nine I have been committed to fighting against diabetes.


How did you end up joining the YPLC?

Well back when I graduated from UMD in 2013, I met Dave Becker when I was a marketing intern at the ADA office. That summer I knew I was not able to counsel at Camp Needlepoint, so I reached out to the camp director Becky Barnett to ask how I could get involved with the ADA in other ways. She suggested I talk to Mr. Becker about his idea of developing a young professional group. After camp was over Dave and I met for coffee, and the rest is history! We like to say this idea all started in a coffee shop!


What do you hope to take away from your work at the YPLC?

My hopes of takeaways are that we can build and develop a young professional group that positively impacts our mission to stop diabetes, and also develop our team professionally.

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