Meet the YPLC! – Joe Kinney

Who are You?

I am Joseph Kinney, part of the marketing committee in the Young Professional Leadership Council. I joined the YPLC in summer of 2015.


A little bit about me!

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2014 and am currently employed at the University of Minnesota working in the school College of Biological Science, teaching student laboratories. I spend a lot of my free time playing guitar and classical piano, and currently play in two different bands.


What is your connection to diabetes?

I have friends with type I diabetes, and in 2013 began working at Camp Needlepoint as a camp counselor. I continued to return to camp as a counselor through 2015. I joined the YPLC in 2015, and am currently helping lead YPLC’s involvement with Camp Needlepoint.


How did you end up joining the YPLC?

My friend and roommate at the time had invited me to work at Camp Needlepoint, and when I felt I had to continue my work I had started at camp in a different way, I was excited when he later asked me to join the YPLC, and agreed to join.


What do you hope to take away?

The YPLC has gives me an opportunity to be part of a group that helps develop me on a personal level,  and I hope my involvement in the YPLC can make a beneficial impact on my friends and all those with diabetes, as well as strengthen and create new connections.

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