Breaking Down Myths About Diabetes

With Halloween season rolling around, It always brings costumes, parties, scary movies, and of course, a great loot of candy from trick or treating. No Halloween day is complete without all the treats brought into school, and the many days following, of bringing candy from trick or treating as part of lunch.

There are a lot of misconceptions about diabetes, and a lot of them can show up at school, and involving food. Especially around Halloween, with all the treats being around, the misconception that always popped up the most was “oh you have diabetes, you can’t have this candy.” While the sentiment of kids and teachers being aware of diabetes is nice, theres obviously a huge, and actually harmful misunderstanding happening.

A misconception like that leads to an idea that having diabetes completely restricts any kind of choice for what you can, or can’t eat. A comment of being told that you can’t do something because of having diabetes is very excluding, especially from someone whom isn’t diabetic. It is particularly excluding during a time when things like candy and treats play a part in the parties and social events of Halloween.

Like many aspects of diabetes, this misconception of candy being forbidden, is one we can work to correct by letting people know what diabetes is, and isn’t. While diet and management of diabetes is an everyday task, It is very important to remind ourselves, and others that diabetes is not a exclusion from partaking in things like Halloween parties and social events, or smaller things like having some candy, diabetes is living life to the fullest while doing the best you can to manage this disease and educate others!

– Joe Kinney

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