As a Parent, What is it Like to Send Your Child to Camp?

Hi, my name is Katherine. My daughter, Ellery, has attended ADA’s Camp Needlepoint/Daypoint for several years and I can honestly say that it’s the highlight of her year. She looks forward to that one week all year long, every year.


Camp Needlepoint and Daypoint offer all of the typical experiences of summer camp and so much more.

Camp Needlepoint¬†is the only place where kids are surrounded by people who truly understand what it means to live with diabetes. And at this camp, they experience first-hand that they don’t just have to live with diabetes, they can live WELL with diabetes, live FUNNY with diabetes, live ADVENTUROUSLY with diabetes, live SILLY with diabetes… live NORMALLY with diabetes.

Camp is where these kids can let their guard down and build themselves back up to thrive for another year. It rejuvenates them like nothing else and it fosters the strength of spirit these kids need to continue running this diabetes marathon.


Thank you, ADA. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and it is one of many reasons that our family supports the ADA. Some other day I’ll write about the many other good reasons to support ADA but, for now, I’m focusing on camp because the ADA’s Walk to Stop Diabetes is right around the corner and this event is an awesome opportunity for camp friends and camp staff to reunite and have fun together for this great cause. If you haven’t signed up already, please do! It’s a great morning of fun and fresh air with your diabetes friends!

Unfortunately, this year Ellery is unable to attend the Walk because our family will be out of town. She’ll miss seeing her D-friends but that isn’t stopping us from supporting the ADA… Ellery is signed up as a Virtual Walker and as raised money over the summer to support the Camp Needlepoint walk team (and to earn that cool team T-shirt).

So, if you’ve never attended the walk – check it out! If you’ve attended in past years, don’t miss this year – I hear the camp reunion activities will be better than ever!


Let’s stop Diabetes!

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