Jessica Froelich Speaks About Camp Needlepoint And Walking In Step Out


Hello! My name is Jessica Froelich. I am proud to be a counselor at Camp Needlepoint! I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was nine years old. I started going to camp when I was eleven years old. I spent three life changing summers there and then came back as a counselor four summers ago.


I hope I can always continue going back to camp every summer. For those two weeks every summer I get to be with my diabetic family and feel normal. I learned how to be independent with my diabetes when I was a camper. Getting to return that favor to the diabetic kids at camp every year is an amazing feeling. Camp is such a blast. It’s the greatest place I know!


I have participated as a Red Strider in the Step Out Walk for the last three years and will be there this year! I’m so excited to see all my diabesties there for a camp reunion! I walk with team Camp Needlepoint every year. It means so much to see all the people that turn out every year. Without the American Diabetes Association, Camp Daypoint and Needlepoint would not be possible. The money raised every year at the Step Out Walk helps so much. Come to the walk this year and check out all the fun tents and learn more about camp and the ADA! Thank you from the bottom of my pancreas!

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  1. Carol Froelich September 9, 2015 at 10:43 pm Reply

    So true! Loved ur blog! My goodness, when did you get so good at being a spokesperson!

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