Why Being Goofy At Camp Needlepoint Is The Best!


Hello! My Name is Luke Johnson.

I am 20 years old, living in St. Paul, MN and am working full-time in Minneapolis. I like to play Lacrosse and Hockey, and I have had Type 1 diabetes for nine years.
Having diabetes means a lot more to me than taking insulin and testing my blood sugar.
Being diabetic has lead me to the best friendships of my life and has taught me many life lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today.


I currently work at Camp Needlepoint/Daypoint in Hudson, WI. Now this is no ordinary camp, because here, everyone has diabetes.

I have been attending Camp Needlepoint since I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11 on 03/04/06. I started off as a quiet camper that showed up on the first day scared out of my mind, not knowing anyone. This quickly changed after I meet my counselors and other campers. I could tell after the first day that this was going to be an adventure I would never forget. There are memories at camp that I cannot put into words to describe to you. Camp Needlepoint truly is the greatest place I know. It’s home. I keep coming back because I know first hand how hard it is to live with diabetes and to constantly have to carry that weight on our shoulders. Being a counselor at Camp Needlepoint not only helps me control my own diabetes, but it teaches kids that they can still live an amazing and fun life no matter how “different” they are.


That is also a similar reason why I love to raise money for the ADA Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes. It’s all about the kids. This saying is basically my life motto. I am a very outgoing and goofy person. I put myself out there no matter how dumb or silly it makes me look, because if it makes a kid smile and remember that life is ok with diabetes, then I absolutely did my job. There is no better satisfaction in this world than making a child with diabetes feel “normal.”

That is what the ADA Step Out Walk is all about. It’s about coming together as a diabetic community and raising money (and laughs) to finally find a cure for this disease. There are only so many goofy things that I can do to make a diabetic kid’s day. We need a cure!
I absolutely cannot wait for the Walk this year. I have attended the Walk for the last 5 years or so, and it gets more fun every single year. I always ask my campers and fellow counselors at Camp Needlepoint to come join in the festivities with me.

IMG_5600 (2)

The memories we makeand fundraising we do at the ADA Step Out Walk truly are the stepping-stones to finding a cure for this disease. We can find a cure, if we all come together as a whole diabetic community. I always tell my camp friends that we are not just a group of diabetics… we are a family!

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