Diabetes EXPO: Exercise Your Personal Power

blogWhen an illness like diabetes enters a family’s life, everyone is impacted.  While it may be inconvenient, it can be an opportunity to assess our current habits and routines.  For many of us, disease informs us that there are healthier choices we can make.

When we take responsibility for our own health, we are exercising our personal power.  Once we consciously set an intention to be healthier, life cooperates with this desire.  Then we need to be diligent, stay on course with the change and receive support.  Understanding that we will have an inner struggle to go back to what we automatically do, we can persevere.  Part of the process is discovering our innate strength to overcome obstacles.

Life has given me many opportunities to change harmful behaviors into positive ones.  This is the reason I am participating in the Diabetes EXPO.  By sharing my insights, I want others to know they have what it takes to be happy.  Through education, we can gain more insights into the mind, body and spirit connection.  It is exciting to make small changes that can have a huge impact to one’s health and well-being.

When we see and embrace our small successes, we are able to continue growing.  We can welcome a disease as a way to show us a better way to live our lives. 

Ellie Peterson

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