Camp Needlepoint Recap!


Who misses Camp Needlepoint already?! I DO, I DO!


Hey everyone! My name is Lauren Evans. Camp Needlepoint 2015 wrapped up just this past weekend. This was my sixth summer at CNP, or as I like to refer to it as, “The Greatest Place I Know!” I am in charge of social media at Camp Needlepoint. Did you happen to follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? It is so much fun to be able to share camp memories with families and friends back home!


As you walk onto camp property, you can see so many different activities going on. You enter the A-field and see games of Ninja breaking out. You pass the volleyball court and stop to watch campers playing Nukem. You head to the arts and crafts building to put your creative side to use. As you walk over to flagpole, you break out into the Boogaloo. You continue down the beach path to kayak and swim. Later you will head out to horses to take a trail ride through the woods. There is never a dull moment at Camp Needlepoint!


My favorite part of camp is seeing the campers trying new things and having personal successes. Whether it is diabetes-related or not, it is wonderful to see the smile creep across their faces as they accomplish something new. The best part of seeing these accomplishments is that it is different for every camper. For example, one camper’s success could be making it to the top of the climbing tower blindfolded and using one leg. At the same time, another camper’s success could be putting on the harness and putting one foot on the climbing tower. The coolest part at Camp Needlepoint about this?! Both of those campers will be celebrated, high-fived, hugged, and be given a standing OOOOOvation!!


If you ask me what my favorite part about after Camp Needlepoint is… It would be the Step Out Walk! The Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes is one of my favorite American Diabetes Association events throughout the year. It is the best place to reunite with camp friends! This year, I am the Camp Needlepoint team captain! There will be an after party complete with food and fun! Out goal is to raise $20,000! Go to to join the CNP team and start your fundraising! Raise $75+ and get this year’s awesome t-shirt! See you there!


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