Why Go To Diabetes Camp Without Diabetes?!

Hello, my name is Teddy and I do not have diabetes. I do, however, care very much for someone that does, my fiancé Lauren. I became involved with Camp Needlepoint after we met and she asked if I would like to be a counselor. I immediately said yes as I cared for her and loved her very much…and that is what camp is about, caring and loving!

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As a 6th grade teacher, I care for children very much. I try to ensure that all students in my classroom are involved and that no one is being singled out in any manner. These are the types of things that I witnessed as a counselor at camp. Of course as a counselor, it was part of my job to ensure that all children were being treated fairly; but most of the time I didn’t have to. The campers are all so great to each other and always make sure their peers are comfortable and encourage each other to participate.
I believe that camp is important in that it allows children with Type I diabetes to come out of their shell. It teaches them not only how to manage their diabetes but also that it is okay to be a little bit different from other people and how to care for people who are different from them. Being a counselor at Camp Needlepoint was an amazing experience! I will always go back and think of my time there and smile.

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