Save the Date: Get Fit, Don’t Sit!

The American Diabetes Association wants you to join us on May 6, 2015 for the inaugural National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day!

Spreading the news about moving more to help fight diabetes has never been easier. Here are six quick ways you can act today to get others involved:

  1. Mark the date. Do it. Open your calendar, wherever you keep it in the cloud, on your desktop, in Outlook or on the refrigerator, and save May 6 as “Get Fit Don’t Sit” day.
  2. Download the e-Toolkit. This kit is packed with healthy ideas to get your organization, community or family out of the chair and moving on the day, but also every day. With plenty of  tools and tips, there is something for everyone.
  3. Get organized. Call a meeting at your company and ask for volunteers to help engage their work teams. Volunteers can help to print posters, revise the template e-mail to employees about the day and plan a few events.  Get Fit Don’t Sit Day is scalable to fit what works best for your company. You decide how to best celebrate the day, based on your corporate culture.
  4. Take the pledge. Commit to get your company up and moving at least every 90 minutes. Take the pledge and your company will be recognized via social media and published on the event website.  Plus, we would love to hear how your company plans to participate in the day.
  5. Share the news. Place a banner graphic on your Intranet or external websites. Post a blog about why your company is participating in the Get Fit Don’t Sit day. Include the Get Fit Don’t Sit logo and links in messages to your end users and partners. Make sure to use the hashtag #GetFitDontSit
  6. PREP TO STEP: Participate in the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®  by forming a team.  Use a company-wide walking challenge leading up to the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes as a way to motivate participants and encourage healthier behaviors. Host a “walk around the building” and use the opportunity to invite employees to join the company Step Out team.

    If you have any questions or need any guidance from us as to how to best bring the National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day to life at your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Make sure to post pictures to our Facebook page and share your successes with the day.

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