10 Things to Remember for Camp

Can you believe that the first session of Camp Needlepoint 2014 is here? Campers, and counselors alike are getting geared up for another fantastic two weeks, and are looking forward to make more memories. For your courtesy we compiled a list of the top 10 things to remember for Sunday. This will help make sure your experience at Camp Needlepoint, is TOTALLY AWESOME!!

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Pump Supplies (6 infusion sets and pods, and 3-4 cartridges/reservoirs are sufficient)
  3. Bug Spray
  4. A good pair of tennis shoes
  5. Sunglasses (Remember to protect those eyes!)
  6. Rain Gear (Poncho or rain jacket is sufficient)
  7. A good flashlight
  8. Writing materials to write home
  9. Money for the camp store
  10. Tons of socks! (Remember NO FLIPFLOPS!)

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