Get to Know Your ADA Minnesota Staff: Barbara Harris

Employee: Barbara Harris

Position: Specialist

“I have a passion for the American Diabetes Association.  The work we do is very important to me.  I lost my dad to complications of the disease and my brother has type 2.

I wear several hats in the American Diabetes Association office.  Some of them include:  Office Manager, assistant to Gala Coordinator and Executive Director and Office Volunteer Manager.

Outside of work, I enjoy being a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother and good friend!  My family life brings me much enjoyment.  Fortunately, all of my family lives in town and I spend a lot of time with them.  I do enjoy a busy social life with friends, too.  I usually take several weekend trips and at least one cruise a year with friends and/or family.  With work, family and friends, I am blessed with a full and wonderful life!” -Barb

Thanks for all you do, Barb!

Barb with her mother, daughter, and granddaughter.

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