Diabetes Patient Educates Peers on Managing Diabetes: The Next Step

Norma Cannon will be delivering an educational program at the American Diabetes Association Diabetes EXPO on Saturday, October 12th. Norma will share her personal experiences with diabetes and taking insulin to help control her blood sugar.

Are you aware of your A1C level (the ADA recommends an A1C goal of less than 7% for most people with diabetes)? Have you talked with your healthcare provider about an A1C goal that is right for you?  Has your healthcare provider suggested insulin and you’re saying “No way!”? Have you just started insulin and have questions? This session may be for you. Norma lives with diabetes and understands the challenges of controlling blood sugar and starting insulin. Come to this session and find out why you might want to talk to your doctor about whether insulin is right for you.

During this Managing Diabetes: The Next Step presentation, Norma will share:

  • Why insulin is not a sign of failure, but may help you achieve blood sugar control, as part of an overall diabetes treatment plan
  • The concerns she had about starting insulin
  • Misperceptions about insulin

WHEN: Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 1:15 p.m.

WHERE: Minneapolis Convention Center – Room 103DEF

To learn more join us at the American Diabetes Association EXPO which is a free event on Saturday, October 12th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The managing Diabetes: The Next Step presentation will take place at 1:15 p.m. in meeting room 103DEF.

For more information or to pre-register and receive pre-show announcements pre-register at diabetes.org/expominneapolis

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