Diabetes Minnesota: A Personal Story About Acting On Diabetes Now

American Diabetes Association – Minnesota Office Board Member, Mark Dunn, shares why he is Acting On Diabetes Now! Read his personal story here:

‘Diabetes is a personal issue for me, my Mother had diabetes and died of complications, and it affects the mother of my children, it is also a very real business issue. 34 years ago I started my career in the Hospitality business. While I have witnessed a large number of changes in how the business has run, the effect of Diabetes has been profound. We never worried about “Sharps” containers 30 years ago. We never even considered having them available. I remember the first time I had a Guest room attendant (maid) get poked by a needle. Not a pleasant experience for the team member and a real wake up call for me.  Today “sharps” containers are available in all of the restrooms on the Casino floor and we have them on request at the hotel desk. We not only provide these for the guests, but for the safety of the team members.For my present employer, we have over 1500 team members. One of the most expensive medical costs we have is for drugs and supplies related to Diabetes. To say that it is a million dollar disease, on an annual basis for us, is not an exaggeration.

All this shows how subtle and insidious Diabetes is. It has crept into all of our lives. You don’t realize how pervasive it is until it affects you and then you notice that it’s everywhere. It affects us all personally and professionally.

The American Diabetes Association in Minnesota is having a Gala on the 4th of May. It is being held at Treasure Island Resort & Casino this year as it has for the last three years. I participate on the gala committee and the local Volunteer Community Leadership Board.  There are many ways to be involved with our upcoming gala.

Donate: Whether you support the event financially by purchasing a table, advertising in the evening’s program, or donating an auction item, there are many ways to help.

Support: Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to join in the movement as well.  Volunteer your time with the gala committee or at the event.

Attend: Confront, Fight, and Stop Diabetes by attending the American Diabetes Association Gala.  For more information on the gala or to become involved visit www.stopdiabetesgala.org.

Take the diabetes risk test, take care of yourself and get involved. The Diabetes Risk Test can be found at www.diabetes.org/risktest.’

Mark Dunn
Hospitality Director
Treasure Island Resort & Casino

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