Minnesota Diabetes Camp: Gluten Allergies & Celiac Disease

Can kids with diabetes who have celiac disease attend the Minnesota diabetes camp? Of course! Camp Needlepoint and Camp Daypoint can accommodate gluten allergies (as well as any other food allergies) and campers who have celiac disease. Check out this counselor’s story with her experience at Camp:

I'm in the tie-die on the left!

“Hey everybody!  My name is Lauren Evans and I am a counselor at Camp Needlepoint!  I am SO excited for camp this upcoming summer!  Rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, archery, soccer, and so much more!  I love being able to be a role model to campers.

Another passion of mine at camp is taking pictures and videos of all the fun things happening!  I started a YouTube page for camp where I put videos ranging from skits at the opening and closing campfires, camp songs, and all of the different camp activities.  Check out www.youtube.com/CampNeedlepoint for all the fun times we’ve had in the years past and look for new videos after this summer!

Another totally awesome thing about camp is the gluten free food!  I’ve had celiac disease for almost seven years and that was a big concern of mine when I first attended camp.  But trust me… they take care of their celiacs at camp!  All of the food is so good and they strive to make the meals almost exactly like the food other people are eating.  The dieticians will work one-on-one with you to make sure you like the food and have enough to eat (I’m sure the “regular” food is amazing too)!

CNP is truly the greatest place I know!  I’ve made so many lifelong friends and hopefully have made a difference in camper’s lives, just like they’ve made a difference in mine.  I hope to see you at camp this summer!”

Trekker Gal's Second Session (I'm on the right!)

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