Stillwater Diabetes Walk: Why We Step Out

Dear Friends and Family,

We are honored that “Walkin’ for Hawkin” is the 2012 Stillwater Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Walk Ambassador and would like to share our story below:


Hawkin - 2012 Stillwater Step Out Ambassador

In August 2011, Hawkin was four years old and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was rightfully terrified and the three days in the hospital was a learning experience for the entire family; including Nanny (Grandma), Buppa (Grandpa) and Tauntie (Auntie Carrie). The whole family joined together and participated in the educational classes Children’s Hospital recommended. In the beginning, he was not a fan of being poked and prodded numerous times a day. In the last 10 Months, Hawkin has made great strides. Hawkin is no longer traumatized by his injections, he often times tells you where he wants them. He is becoming more familiar with when he feels “funny” because of his BSL being high or low. He also knows he has to wait for his dietetic regiment before eating and may have to enjoy an alternate snack option. He keeps his chin up knowing he can still do everything a five year old can do.

Hawkin started preschool a few years ago at The Farm School, in Hudson. Although he loved learning about animals and such, his parents decided it was best to switch to a different school which had a school nurse. He now attends preschool at St. Patrick’s in Hudson. Coincidentally, he absolutely loves it! His teacher is wonderful and the school was willing to monitor his disease. He is a hard worker and enjoys all his new friends. Next year he will be attending kindergarten at North Hudson Elementary. He loves to play outside withy his friends, do art projects and learn to read.

Past Times
Hawkin is a very lively and free spirited little man. He has a lot of energy and loves to help people; many times he will help with the yard work. His favorite things to do are fishing with his Buppa, hit ball at the golf course with his dad, go on walks with his mom and spend time with his family. He also loves to go to the YMCA where he shows off is excellent swimming skills. He is able to hold his breath long enough to grab rings off the bottom of the pool. His dad (originally from FL) says he is secretly training him to be an expert lobster fisherman. Hawkin truly loves going to see his Nanna and Buppa in Arizona every year where they spend the winters. He gets to go to the zoo and train Park.

Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes
In September 2011, Hawkins aunt was randomly searching the internet for a walk to participate in. She found one with the American Diabetes Association in Stillwater, MN. Since Hawkins diagnosis was pretty new, she decided to gather a team to join Hawkin in support of a cure for diabetes. The team is called “Walkin’ for Hawkin” and there were 27 walkers with only two weeks preparation. The support of family and friends was unbelievable and truly touching. Hawkin walked the entire way and was so happy to be part of a great opportunity. The team hopes to exceed the number of walking participants and fundraising goals in 2012. All efforts are to hopefully someday have prevention of a cure for type 1 diabetes. Please join us on October 6, 2012 at Pioneer Park in Stillwater, either as an individual or by forming your own team to support this great cause. Register today by visiting

All in all, it has been an interesting year. To say the least, the family has learned a lot and realized this is not the end of the world. Hawkin has a bright future ahead, weather diabetic or not. He is the same special boy and will live a full life no matter what.

Submitted by Carrie Jacobson (mother of Hawkin)

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