Mankato Minnesota Diabetes Walk: Why I Walk

Kelsey Mihm - Mankato Step Out Walk Ambassador

On December 6th, 2006, my life would dramatically change forever and my simple day to day routine wouldbe adjusted and need to be relearned. As parents with 3 kids, and type 1 and type 2 diabetes running in the family (my uncle type 1 and my grandpa type 2), my mom and dad were cautious. After a week of symptoms beginning to show in me, they had my uncle come over to test my blood-sugar. It read somewhere above 600. That night was rough and passed by in a blur. I only remember bits and pieces. That night, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days before I was released. We had to spend time learning everything from checking my blood-sugar, counting carbs, giving insulin shots, learning a healthy diet, etc. I remember it all being extremely overwhelming for an 8 year old. I also remember my dad telling me, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” I took that advice and I accepted what was happening. In October of 2006, we started a team called ‘The Dia-Beaters’, walking in the Mankato ADA Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Walk for my Uncle Rick. Less than 3 months later, I was diagnosed myself. Since my diagnosis, I’ve participated in 5 Step Out Walks, become a member of the Cure Club 5 times, raised over $8,000 for the ADA, ended up in the hospital after an accidental insulin overdose, gotten an insulin pump, been diagnosed with Celiac disease, joined my school’s Swim and Dive and Track and Field teams, and have become such a stronger and more responsible person. My diagnosis has opened so many more doors for me, such as the amazing opportunity of becoming ADA’s Mankato Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes 2012 Ambassador. I hope you’ll help me, the ADA, the Step Out team, all the walkers, supporters and people living with diabetes. Please show your support. And live by the 6 things that got me where I am today; Hope, Faith, Perseverance, Research, Ambition, and Strength. Thanks and Love to all!

Join me next Saturday, October 6th at the Mankato Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Visit and register today!

-Kelsey Mihm

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