Fit Tip Tuesday; Stand Up at Work Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Ergotron

The other week I received a Fit Tip Tuesday email with 10 Outstanding Fit Tips from Jill Knapp and her Get Up & Get Moving blog. Jill has a wonderful health testimony fighting Type II diabetes. Did you see her on Dr. Oz? She is sharing her success and motivation with others, encouraging people to eat right and exercise for healthier and fuller lives. It is inspirational.

I signed up originally since there is Type II diabetes in the family and I am trying to stay proactive about my health.

In her list she covers the basics: Being physically active, eating protein, being choosy when eating a nighttime snack.

I had one suggestion for Jill to add to her list: Stand up at work.

The simplest non-exercise activity intervention you can do for yourself is to stand up. Barring medical conditions that prohibit you from doing so (e.g., pregnant women, people with varicose veins), getting out of your chair is like a wake-up call for your body.

The benefits range from simple muscle strength to mitigating formation of blood clots deep in the legs or even reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and yeah, diabetes. But don’t just take it from me, the research tells more of the full story.

Standing up at work can be something more meaningful then just going to the lunch room for a snack. Talk on the phone while on your feet, stand up in meetings, stand up to talk when someone stops by your desk.

And why stop there? Standing more at home isn’t a bad idea either. Can you do any of those sit-down chores standing up? Walk around as you are talking on the phone. Sort socks standing. You start to get creative about it when you really choose to stand (and move) more throughout your day.

Do you have Type II diabetes or know someone who does? Jill and her Get Up & Get Moving blog might offer some hope.



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