Josh Pelant; My First Step Out & Walk (plus other updates!)

Saturday I had the honor of participating in my first Step Out & Walk to Stop Diabetes. I couldn’t have had a better time. Since beginning my journey in April and throughout the course of the summer, I’ve found that diabetes is the cause that I need to help fight.  As a diabetic this is a no brainer. I developed a team for the walk mostly of co-workers, but a lot of them were unable to attend.  In the end, there was about ten of us mostly made up of my brother’s family, my best friend and his wife, and a few coworkers who were still able to attend.

Since this was my first walk I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I couldn’t believe the people there.  It’s amazing to see so much support for a disease that affects so many people in this world.  I was overwhelmed with the support of everyone at the walk.  My team didn’t raise a lot of money, but I was advised to not focus on the dollar amount as there’s support for the cause in just being there. The walk was chilly, but it warmed up quickly and ended up being a great. I wound up a ways back from my friends and family and it was great to see that they were there at the end waiting for me to finish so they could finish with me. They knew how much this walk has meant to me since the beginning of my journey.  I can’t wait until next year and hopefully I can get even more of my family, friends, and coworkers to participate.  With everybody’s help we can find a cure for this terrible disease and we can have a lot of fun along the way.

Since my first blog post for this site, a lot has happened. I had my routine doctors visit on September 9th and found out that I was another twenty pounds down for a total of forty-one pounds.  The even greater achievement was that my A1C went from 8 at my June visit to 6.3 in September. The doctor was extremely happy with my progress!

After the one hundred and seven miles I walked in June, I started using the elliptical machine at the gym.  As you may have read I hated that machine with a passion when first starting out. Now we’ve become good friends! I’ve made it a priority to work out at least 5-6 days a week and I am hitting the gym like crazy.  October was a huge month for me at the gym as I set a goal of seventy miles on the elliptical.  As this the end of October came to a close, I’m proud to say that I surpassed my goal with 78.4 miles (and then added another 3 miles from the Step Out Walk!).  Not to be outdone, my November goal is just as high.

I’ve also managed to make a few Facebook friends along this journey and one recently contacted me to help her to get motivated to work out for the month of November. Together we came up with a goal of 90 miles. We know we can do this together, especially with the support of our other friends. My friend Dana, who also needed motivation, suggested creating a monthly challenge through Facebook to help support and encourage others to reach their monthly goals.  It might not be 90 miles like ours, but the challenge is more about support and encouragement.  I love being able to inspire, motivate, and encourage people throughout the world just by going on this weight loss journey. I know I’m becoming healthier. Some of my biggest supporters arecome from Facebook and my Facebook fan page for my blog. I don’t think I could continue this journey without any of them.  It’s created great friendships and the potential for travel to meet these new friends (maybe we can run some 5k’s together).  I have yet to start running but it’s something I plan to do. My goal next summer is to run a 5k; or maybe even a few!

I never realized that I would inspire so many people through this journey, even though that was the mantra of the blog that I started.  I was even complimented on the slogan, which I had on my blog shirt that I wore to the Step Out Walk, by a volunteer. Not only am I inspiring myself but I’m inspiring others daily with the progress I’m making.  Sure I’m not weighing in daily, weekly, or even monthly, but people are inspired by my dedication to become healthier through exercise.  My food has been a work in progress and I will take any advice anyone can give.

Let’s continue to “Inspire Someone Today” and help find a cure for diabetes so the millions of us with this disease can lead normal, everyday lives.

– Josh Pelant


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