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With all the information and excitement at the Diabetes EXPO it’s no surprise that by the end of the day, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you’ve learned and gained from your experience. What would it be like to have the opportunity to talk with someone who can help you decide where to go from there?

Lucky for you, this opportunity will be available to you at Diabetes EXPO. Once you’ve completed your Pathway to Better Health, you can meet one-on-one with a health coach who will sit down (and yes, you will want to sit down after taking in the EXPO experience!) with you to discuss your next steps and help create a plan for you to use when you get home.

The health coach will be there to support and guide you in identifying your personal goal along with establishing some realistic steps you can follow to accomplish your goals based on what you have learned at the EXPO whether it is becoming more active, working on portion sizes, losing weight, following up with your healthcare team on what you have learned or utilizing ADA resources the health coaches and start you on the path to meet these goals. I hope you will join us at the Diabetes EXPO which is FREE to attend on Saturday, October 15th at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 9am – 3pm. To access your Pathway to Better Health prior to the EXPO or for more information and to register visit www.diabetes.org/expominneapolis.

Michelle Super

Health Coach

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