State Fair Traditions; Are you at risk for Diabetes?

Summer is wrapping up, kids are getting ready to go back to school and the Minnesota State Fair is here for 12 days! Many fairgoers might not know the ‘FREE’ health screening s that is available all 12 days. I am not sure about you, but anything that doesn’t require a health insurance card gets my vote! I want to share with you today why I go to get screened every year and how important it is for everyone!

I come from a fairly small family here in Minnesota but I have many relatives in various states. Three of them (my dad and 2 grandparents) have type 2 diabetes. Just like other medical condition, they take medication on a daily basis, watch their sugar levels, and need to exercise on a daily basis. The reason why I always go to get screened at the State Fair is because I don’t want to take pills every day – or take insulin. As much as it hurts me to see my dad lay out several pills in the morning – I do my best to get him to be more active and have fun!

Every year at the Minnesota State Fair on Dan Patch & Cooper fairgoers can check out the Kare11 Health Building and get educated about various services and get screened for various reasons – such as blood pressure, hearing, bone density, diabetes etc. Anyone over the age of 9 can get a diabetes screening. For just $1 donation North Memorial and nurses from the Minnesota Visiting Nurses Agency perform diabetes screening. All they do is just prick your finger and put it into a monitor to get your reading. My score came out to be 98! And that is really great! A helpful tip: try to drink plenty of water ahead of time and if you plan on eating food before make sure it is somewhat healthy – I like the breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, peppers, cheese) at Tejas at the Ballpark next to the Health Building or there are plenty of places to find fresh fruit.

Last Note: You might think you’re never going to get diabetes and you’re in the best physical shape – but everyone needs to take precautions. Let’s all be strong and help stop diabetes!

~ Katie Little


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