Sneaking a Workout


It is not unusual to want to lose a couple of pounds or tone your body. The hardest part is finding the motivation and time to hit the gym and make your dream body come true. Day in and day out finding the time to hit the gym becomes more and more difficult to do. We see these great infomercials advertising the 15 min workout but money is too tight. So what can one do? Trust me there are no new solutions. So I am not inventing anything new but I am here to remind you of these old tricks of finding the time to get the work out in while at home. Here are some examples of how to give your legs a good work out;

  • While ironing or doing the dishes, do some side leg lefts to tone and shape your legs.
  • Instead of sitting and watching television stand and do squats.
  • Head to bed five minutes early and before getting in the bed sit on the floor and do five minutes of leg lefts, leg stretching and leg curls.
  • The most important one take an evening brisk walk around your community. Walk to the store instead of driving there.

I will see you on Saturday, October 15th from 9am – 3pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Diabetes EXPO. I will demonstrate more concepts and ideas of how to get your workout in using what is around your house.

By Bernard Turner

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