Defeat or Success

Michael Schmidt was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame after a career with the Philidelphia Phillies as a 3rd baseman. I saw a recent interview with Michael in which he was asked how had he become such a successful baseball player. His reply was that he had learned to take the defeats, pick himself up and move forward. At times he felt he was only experiencing defeats but then he would stop and reflect about the season, the month or even the week and realize that he’d had a lot of successful moments.

So how does that help me as a person who lives with diabetes? Just like Michael, I need to learn to take defeat, put it behind me and go forward. My defeats include unexplained high and low blood sugars, illnesses that cause hospitalization, complications, people who don’t understand my disease and poor medical care to name a few. It’s human nature to dwell on the negative things with diabetes rather than the positive aspects. How much better would life be if I learned to pick myself up after a defeat and moved forward? Just like Michael, I vow to learn to celebrate success rather than dwell on defeats.

“It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated….it is finished when it surrenders.” ~ Ben Stein

– Catherine Van Hove


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