Reasons Why I Step Out & Walk

I started participating in the Walk 3 years ago for a couple reasons:

1) I am the secretary/scheduler in the Diabetes Care department at St. Luke’s Hospital and our department is encouraged to participate;

2) I am a sucker for community service projects; and

3) I was and am still in the process of loosing weight, so I thought it would be a good way to get exercise – walking.

I started fund raising and the first night I received $120 in sponsorships!  Well, if I can do $120 in one evening, let’s try for $500!   A short time later, I met that goal, so let’s see if we can go higher.  My first year, I raised over $1000 and was a member of the Cure Club!  My goal is to continue to be a Cure Club Member and so far, I have been for all three years that I have participated.

Two of the greatest benefits of  participating in the walk are:

1) meeting and  seeing all the great people participating in the walk each year and

2) educating people on the wonderful organization that is working to Fight Diabetes!



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