Finding what you need

Over the past few years we’ve seen great things happen in the world of diabetes; peer support and the Internet.

Not more than ten years ago you needed to know about web hosting and how to code HTML in order to put anything on the web.  It was difficult, and you had to be really motivated to do all of that work.

Today it is so much easier.

The increased usability means that there are more people out there sharing their stories and experiences and doing so in many different ways.  Community sites, blogs, twitter, podcasts, Internet radio shows, Facebook, Etc. Almost anything you can think of is out there.

This is a great!  The first thing people look for when seeking peer support online is something they can identify with and relate to.  With so many different voices and stories out there, you have many more opportunities to find something that fits you!

You’ll need to invest some time checking out some of the different places and channels.  With so many different options out there, it’s hard to know where to begin.   You can start anywhere you want – there is no right or wrong place.  Many people start at the community sites, such as Diabetes Daily, TuDiabetes, or the ADA’s own (  Spend some time, read a bit about what people are saying and talking about.

Then take a step back and ask yourself if this is helping you at all.  Is it fulfilling to read these things? Or do you find it more of a drain, or something that doesn’t benefit you?  If it doesn’t fit, and doesn’t benefit you, then move on to another channel.  If you don’t like the community sites then check out a few blogs.  You can do a google search on “diabetes blogs” and check out some of the results that come up.  Many blogs have links to other blogs which will help you find different perspectives to explore.

Then again, after you’ve read a few, take a step back and evaluate what it’s doing for you.  If it’s not filling you up with more energy and hope, then move on.

Don’t spend time where you’re not getting something back in return. You no longer need to fit yourself to the support that’s available. Instead you can find the support that really fits you. The internet is diverse enough today that you’ll be able to find something that that specifically appeals to you.

Searcher beware, because it is the Internet. That means there may be a lot of “fluff” to sift through before finding exactly what you need.

Don’t give up; keep searching until you find it.  It’s so worth it.

~ Scott K. Johnson

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