The Big Bowlowski

I have five close family members with Type 1 diabetes.

As many of you know, growing up in a house with a mother and a sister who have diabetes is not always easy – particularly for those faced with the daily challenge of maintaining a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and taking the right amount of insulin.  I raise money for the American Diabetes Association in honor of my family members who have had the strength to have never complained about being “unlucky” after being diagnosed with diabetes.

Their resolve to live life to the fullest inspires me to do what I can to help find a cure. Join me, my family and our friends in having fun while we bowl down diabetes.  Here are the details:

On April 17, a contingency of incredibly good people and immensely challenged bowlers are striking back against Diabetes. But their success depends on your generosity. Here are two fun and easy ways you can help knock down the Seven-Ten Split of diseases.  If good karma and a quick cure isn’t incentive enough, all donations are tax deductible. So give big. Because once we get rolling, there ain’t no stopping us.  The bowling, the prizes, the fun-it all goes down April 17th, 3pm, at Pinstripes in Edina. Get pledges or donate the cash yourself. Just bring it, baby.  Contact me at for more details and to sign up.

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Mike More

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